The word "ARAT" comes from our rich Persian culture which means a plowed irrigated field.
Arat scenario was an investigation of useless material and what lies beneath its surface and finding a beauty within. It's about minimizing waste, making things with materials that we have and to a certain extent allowing the products to be eco-friendly as many times as we can.
The research process was in property vandalism, seating ergonomics, how to pick recycling materials from the place that we wanted to place our chair, outdoor atmospheric conditions, natural color harmony and simplifying.
This piece was made from a large variety of dumped wooden bars in the seats; neopan in back and bricks for support. In a sense it is recycled twice; all the pieces are offcuts from other projects, which were also created from recycled material. Dimensions of two seats and one back are 100*50*50.
Our Green chair installed by us at industrial design department’s entrance door at the university as the best symbol of green design workshop project.
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