Fashion Wearable Technology Lab
Wearable Lab at DAAP Fall 2018 Design as Empathy project, to investigate the design and marketing collaboration in a project utilizing mapping tools: strategy wheel, brand archetype, persona, stakeholder, offering, user journey, and empathy. for the intervention I created a mobile APP based system to make the journey easier for students. (pass the orientation, participate in Lab projects, use the machines,...) skills: User research and User Interaction
Humane-ity manifesto
A design manifesto Fall 2018 Revised Pedagogy to invisibly integrate design to nurture humans to be humane. Under supervision of Professor Craig Vogel
CACAO biopower
UN Sustainable Development Goals; Affordable and Clean Energy Fall 2018 An strategic approach to turn the cacao shell's waste into cacao pellets (biofuel) to generate gas. generating ideas around the subject "affordable energy", weighed our ideas by evaluation matrix, then created business model canvas to target each stage of our plan in a meaningful way, and a value proposition map to understand ups and downs of the proposal.
Flatfeet SPRINT design research
SPRINT-GV research method An agile design thinking and prototyping research method Fall 2018 Alchemy, P&G Under supervision of Micheal Roller practicing an agile research method to understand user needs then created a wireframe and based on that I designed a low-fidelity prototype to show the process
Would you wear me Poly?
Fall 2019 A comic surreal design statement and poster to indicate how technology could affect intellectual minds if they had access to technology hundreds of years ago. Under supervision of Professor Craig Vogel
ADIDAS media strategy
Fall 2018 Marketing research method EMPOWER Under supervision of Michael Roller practicing the funnel branding methods summarized in 4 stages: Awareness, Consideration, Engagement, Conversion. The main idea is how to engage people in buying Adidas goods. Furthermore, we developed a few retailing methodologies for Adidas to consider people with low arches as a huge target audience.
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