“Would you wear me poly?”
I am drawn from different wells; a multidisciplinary designer originally from Iran investigating the emotional impacts of wearable technology.
This statement is a comic surreal approach. I wanted to revoke what influence technology could have made if intellectual people had access to it thousands years ago.
I demonstrated this technological influence by first selecting renowned polymath’s portraits from diverse cultures, since I believe polymaths are in one word designers (Isn’t design all about being intuitive and make significant changes in life?). Then, I assigned common technological wearable devices to them.
First, is an intellectual Greek polymath “Aristotle” (322 BC) who was named “father of philosophy’, invented the term ‘Logic and Dialectic’ and was a genius of his time.
Second, “Abu Ali Sina” or “Avicenna”, a famous Persian polymath (1037) who lived in the Islamic Golden Age and had been described as the ‘father of early medicine’.
Third, is the master of all “Leonardo Da-Vinci”, a well-known polymath (1519) and a pioneer in every branch of knowledge that one could imagine. Scholars regard him as a prime symbol of ‘Universal Genius’.
The question I want to raise is that would have these intellectuals remained polymaths if they had access to technology? I wonder if Aristotle would use his personal blog to inform people of his philosophical theories or spend his time surfing on internet for online shipping from eBay?! I wonder if Da-Vinci would use social media to educate artists and engineers or take advantage of social media to become a popular celebrity participate at Ellen DeGeneres’ shows?! I wonder if Avicenna would utilize virtual reality to investigate astronomical phenomenon or play online VR games?!
Some say that letting technology to get involved in our lives will reduce the human intelligence in time. So aren’t we actually building a new stove to burn the old and last trees and continue until we make the forests vanished? On the other hand, some people believe the future of technology is endless with possibilities which will assist humans and raise consciousness. Besides, haven’t we already become cyborgs through our smart phones and watches?
So is technology bringing us together or parting us from each other before we know? Have we as human beings been created by AI? How technology could be utilized to unlock human potentials and associated with the spiritual values at the same time?
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